Learn How to Control Your Thoughts

Learn How to Control Your Thoughts


Your mind is the most important thing that you possess. The thoughts of the mind are actually lived out in the person. You are a sum total of all of your thoughts to this date. If you are satisfied with your life; great, but if you want do and be more; you must start with your mind.

You must learn how to use your mind and even control it. The mind is a sponge. It takes in everything that is subjected to it, whether go or bad. Once thoughts get injected into the mind, and if dwelled upon, they become part of you and before you know it you are living a life according to all the thoughts that occupy your mind.

It is extremely important to control your thoughts and only allow what you want into your mind. How can one do that you may ask? The answer is simple. God created you with something by which you can guard and protect your thoughts. The special something you were given is your Will. Your Will is the very organ (if I may call it that) by which you can control your mind. You can CHOOSE what you receive into your mind.

Most people don’t exercise their Will in such a way. They allow all the stimuli around them to plant thoughts into their mind, many of which are not healthy. Thoughts of poverty produce poverty. Thoughts of lack produce lack. Thoughts of ill health produce ill health. On the contrary, thoughts of wealth attracts wealth. Thoughts of abundance attracts abundance. Thoughts of vibrant health attracts the same. Do you now see the importance of the way you think?

The only way to guard your thoughts is to use the Will to only allow what you want into your mind. You mind is a gold mine. Why would you let thoughts come into it that rob you of a life of abundance and good health?

Another important “organ” that you have are your feelings (emotions). Feelings are of two kinds: Good or Bad. You either feel good, or you feel bad. These feels are indicators as to what your mind is set on. If you FEEL lack, that is because you are THINKING in terms of lack and that makes you feel bad. If you feel abundance that just means that you have thoughts of abundance and thus have good feelings.

Are you feeling bad? Change the focus (By the use of your Will) of your thoughts! Are you feeling good? Keep (Again, through the exercise of the Will) feeding the thoughts that produce these good feeling(s).

Here are some practical suggestions:

To keep your mind clear of negativity, I would suggest shutting off the news. Do not listen to it. There is nothing that important on the news. The things reported by the news media will only make you mad, sad, depressed, or worry. News comes by seeing and hearing. These two senses are the main way our mind if affected. Why waste valuable time listening to slanted, biased media demean other human beings, the country in which we live, and show us the lowest forms of humanity? It does not build you up, but causes thoughts of fear, worry, anger and hate. As a result you live a live way below the standard you desire.

Don’t blame others for the life you live. You alone are responsible for controlling your thoughts and thus your destiny. Don’t envy people who seem to have it all. Most of them got that way only because they think differently than you do. If you are failing in your life it’s because you chose to.

The world if full of “disadvantaged” people who excelled beyond their wildest dreams. They chose not to live in pity and accept what “life” doled out. Rather they took the gifts that God gave them and made a DECISION to set their mind on their dreams until they became a reality.

What will you do with your mind? Will you waste it on watching news, playing video games and other meaningless activities or will you take what God gave you and DECIDE to use it for the betterment of yourself and others?

Another suggestion is to read. Most people stop reading after they leave school. Even those who read, read novels, magazines, and newspapers that do not improve their lives one bit. Read good books that will improve the way you think. I love reading the BIBLE and other books like THINK AND GROW RICH, THE GO-GETTER, THE SLIGHT EDGE, THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH, BEACH MONEY, and many, many more. These books feed your mind with creativity, hope, encouragement and so much more. Read about Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, Henry Ford, and others, who against all odds soared into the stratosphere taking humanity to new heights.

You can make a difference. You can live a life way beyond where you are now. You can better yourself and those around you just be learning to control your thoughts and thus your living. Be a light to those around you, a beacon of hope to those in despair and you will be rewarded accordingly.

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to be a success? It all starts with the way you think.

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